Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why should I have a Forest Stewardship Plan?

While I could go into it myself, the Forest Landowners Association http://www.forestlandowners.com does a better job in their article here: https://www.forestlandowners.com/files/9%20Reasons%20for%20a%20Forest%20Stewardship%20Plan.pdf . One of the keys to a good plan is a good timber inventory which they also outline here: https://www.forestlandowners.com/files/archives/timber-inventory-managing-timberlands-in-the-southern-u-s.pdf . Look for other interesting articles in their archive section, you cannot get full access to all articles unless you are a member. I am pondering joining this organization, they have some excellent material for the woodlot owner. I am also considering joining the Texas Forestry Association http://www.texasforestry.org/ so that I can get information specific to my state. Check your state, you may have resources in the form of a forestry association also.

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