Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Basic Pond Management, the book

The book is written by Bob Lusk with Mark McDonald. It is a basic primer on pond management with chapters on planning and building a pond, fish, stocking, harvest, habitat, existing ponds, and wildlife. The information is presented well and should be read by any aspiring pond owner whether they will guild or buy one. I wish I had read this before my purchase! I especially liked the chapter on evaluating existing ponds, even though mine was in hindsight. All of the chapters are very informative and will create a knowledge base for your continued education if you feel that necessary. The broad scope does limit the details and a knowledgable pondmeister will probably want to skip it. I have found myself pulling it down off the shelf several times as a starting when I want to bone up on some pond information. It is definitely a book not to judge by the cover, love the '80's shorts and hat, so do not believe the out of date clothes mean out of date info. This is a timeless classic on ponds that can be found here: http://www.pondboss.com/books.html.

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