Monday, December 22, 2008

A Manual of Forestry

I found this interesting book online. It is A Manual of Forestry with special reference to forestry problems in East Texas by the Texas Forestry Service, Bulletin 45. It has some dated information, which is to be expected for a book published in 1952. One great part of the book is it is tailored to East Texas, which my property is in the northern portion. It also has some interesting chapters on some subjects rare to the average landowner book. It has a chapter on fire prevention, including the use of fire breaks in your woods and the types and factors of fires. Another interesting chapter is on forest enemies including many insects, weather, and domestic animals. Domestic grazing animals is the other unusual chapter. They discuss in depth how to graze livestock in a forest with as little damage as possible to the forest. It is definitely an intrigueing way to earn more money in certain forests as long as you are not looking fot any regeneration of tree stocks. I recommend this book for anyone with a woodlot in East Texs who has already read the usual landowner forestry books, especially if you also run cattle on the property.

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