Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Silviculture of Southern Upland Hardwoods, Bulletin 22

A quick review of a helpful little book. Written by Lawrence C. Walker and published y Stephen F. Austin University School of Forestry in January 1972, it is the sixth of a series of books on southern silviculture. I picked it up because it has some helpful info on the Cross Timbers and post oak forests, oak-hickory forests, and southern black walnut plantations. It is a helpful little bulletin with some very specific information. It would be even more helpful for forest owners in the southern Appalachians and the Ozarks of Arkansas. They discuss regeneration, management, and problems to very specific forest types and regions in the south. One interesting tidbit that is a good example of the info inside is that forking in white oaks may be hereditary. Bad news for anyone with a poorly managed stand with forked seed trees looking for regeneration. I hope to find the rest of this series to see what other helpful info they have, hopefully one on bottomland hardwoods.

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