Friday, December 26, 2008

Pond work and stump sprouts

Ah, stump sprouts. Natures magical way of regrowing a tree when it has been damaged beyond repair above the ground. If you are into growing trees for firewood, then these will be your friend for coppicing. If you are trying to keep the tree away for good, then they are the enemy. I just finished clearing a bit of space on the pond shore with evil multiple stem bodark stump sprouts coming out of 12" diameter 1-2' tall stumps, and to top it all off they had thorny vines growing all through them. Other areas of the pond have large 16" diameter 4' tall elm stumps because of the steep grade and the lazy previous owner. These have resprouted into 20-30' tall trees with 4-10 stems each and a rotten center. Cut at ground level and spray with a strong hebicide, and respray any new stump sprouts. Also, some trees will send up stump sprouts 30+' away from the stump. The fight is not over, I am sure these stumps will send up new sprouts in spring, but for now the peninsula building site has the nice view in the photo.

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