Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quick book review

Here is a book I read recently and found helpful on the basics of a woodlot. It is The Country Journal Woodlot Primer by Richard M. Brett. It is a great introductory book on how to manage your woodland. It is a bit old, but most of the information is still relevant. There is quite a bit of information on what a woodlot is and what you can do yourself. I especially like the section on planting your own seedlings, since this can be a high dollar area is someone else does it for you. It also oultines a lot of the equipment you need, just ignore the chainsaw section unless you KNOW how to handle one. I also like how the book goes about the telling you about the different paths a woodlot can take, identifying tree quality, and that it tells you to enjoy your land. First and foremost, enjoy your land and what you are doing to it.

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